Doha - In the Qatari startup scene, accelerators and incubators play a crucial role in nurturing entrepreneurial talent and creating room for innovation. These platforms provide invaluable support, resources, and guidance to new entrepreneurs, empowering them to transform visionary ideas into thriving businesses.

The following is a list of incubators in the country, each focusing on a diverse mix of startups. Among Qatar's leading accelerators and incubators are several initiatives supported by the Qatar Development Bank (QDB), offering various programs designed to boost various industries:

Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC):

The Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) is one of the region's largest mixed-use business incubators, playing a vital role from the ideation stage to business growth. QBIC provides a comprehensive suite of programs designed to support entrepreneurs in developing and scaling their businesses effectively. These programs include Lean Startup, which helps entrepreneurs validate their business ideas, and the Lean Acceleration program, aimed at growing and scaling established startups, and Jahiz, which is a 7-year incubation program that provides innovative industrial SMEs with ready-to-operate manufacturing facilities for lease. QBIC offers co-working spaces, offices, and meeting rooms, alongside a network of seasoned mentors, industry experts, and investors. Through its diverse resources and support ecosystem, QBIC empowers entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into successful, sustainable businesses, contributing significantly to Qatar’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and economic diversification efforts.

Qatar FinTech Hub (QFTH):

Qatar FinTech Hub (QFTH) leads Qatar's fintech innovation, offering tailored accelerator and incubator programs that empower early-stage startups and mature fintech firms to enhance their operations and accelerate their growth. Recently, one of its incubated startups, Spendwisor, achieved a significant milestone by securing approval to operate a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service in Qatar, becoming one of only five companies in the country to receive this authorization. This achievement only one of many of QFTH’s role in growing financial technologies and highlights its commitment to supporting startups that drive digital transformation in Qatar’s financial sector. By providing essential resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, QFTH continues to position Qatar as a hub for fintech innovation on the global stage.


Scale7 is Qatar’s fashion and design incubator, dedicated to transforming creative startups into viable and competitive brands. As the first of its kind in the region, the incubator provides a comprehensive support system for fashion entrepreneurs, including access to industry experts, mentorship, and tailored business development programs.

Moreover, it gives the startups office spaces, a Fab Lab (fabrication workshop), a fashion studio, a jewelry studio, graphics studios, photography studios, a networking area, an open stage, and a library. The incubator provides access to advanced 3D printers, enabling startups to develop high-quality products and refine their brand identities.

By nurturing local talent and facilitating market entry, Scale7 not only enhances the visibility of Qatari designers but also aims to position Qatar as a prominent fashion hub on the global stage. Through its focused initiatives, Scale7 empowers creative startups to navigate the competitive landscape of the fashion industry, ensuring they have the tools and support needed to succeed.

Qatar SportsTech:

The region's first sports accelerator promotes the sports tech sector through global partnerships and extensive support networks. It aims to develop innovative solutions for the sports industry.

Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) Incubation Center:

Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) is one of Qatar’s leading tech incubators, providing a dynamic environment that accelerates the growth of tech-based startups. Positioned within the QSTP Free Zone, it offers startups a suite of essential business support services, including comprehensive funding programs, and specialized training initiatives. The center also has prototyping facilities, enabling startups to transform innovative concepts into tangible products. By facilitating rapid incorporation and offering over many of Qatar's startups access to an extensive network of industry connections and resources, QSTP strengthens Qatar's tech ecosystem and promotes a culture of innovation. This strategic support framework empowers entrepreneurs to achieve significant milestones, scale their businesses, and contribute to the broader economic development of Qatar.

Digital Incubation Centre (DIC):

DIC offers 0% equity and 100% enablement, transforming innovative ideas into successful ventures through a comprehensive support ecosystem. Entrepreneurs benefit from unmatched mentorship, customized training, strategic networking, and access to essential resources such as funding and office space. The DIC is dedicated to providing thorough support for all facets of growth and business development through active programs throughout the year.

Some examples of their key programs:

  • Idea Camp: An intensive three-week training program that helps entrepreneurs, developers, and designers turn their tech ideas into real businesses. It combines training, mentorship, and networking to refine business concepts and discover growth strategies.

  • Startup Track: Designed for early-stage startups, this track offers mentorship and training within a transformative two-year incubation framework to perfect their business concepts and models.

  • Growth Track: Focused on accelerating startup growth, this track provides intensive support to help startups achieve significant milestones within a year of incubation.

  • Co-working Space: The DIC provides a collaborative working environment with facilities such as hot seats and free internet, fostering collaboration among entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • Make the Deal: This investor-startup matchmaking event connects high-impact investors with aspiring entrepreneurs. It includes workshops, one-on-one sessions, and panel discussions led by industry experts, preparing participants for the investment process.

TASMU Accelerator:

Launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the TASMU Accelerator is part of the Smart Qatar initiative, designed to catalyze startups across various industries including transportation, logistics, healthcare, environment, and tourism. For the 2024 Cohort, TASMU aims to inspire startups to nurture innovation within Qatar.

The TASMU Accelerator empowers tech startups to drive digital transformation in Qatar, providing visionaries with the necessary tools and resources to successfully expand their solutions in the Qatari market.

Program Highlights:

  • Equity: 0% equity required
  • Startups per Cohort: 25
  • Program Format: 100% virtual
  • Funding: Up to QAR 600,000
  • In-Kind Services: Valued at QAR 1.8 million

Benefits of Joining TASMU Accelerator:

  • Funding: The top 3 startups receive a cash prize of QAR 200,000 each.
  • Investors: Access to over 45 investment entities.
  • Equity: Startups retain full ownership.
  • Flexibility: Global access to a virtual acceleration platform.
  • Market Access: Direct entry to the Qatari market through TASMU’s Piloting Partners, Cohort Champions, and Sector Custodians.
  • Tools: Over QAR 1 million in free tools and software.
  • Soft-landing: Complimentary Qatar registration and one-year hub access.
  • Support: Assistance from top university talent in Qatar.

Applications for the TASMU Accelerator 2024 cohort are now open, inviting startups to turn their innovative ideas into reality and contribute to Qatar’s digital future.

Ooredoo’s Digital & Beyond

Ooredoo’s Digital & Beyond accelerator, in partnership with QBIC, focuses on nurturing tech startups. It offers a comprehensive support system, including mentorship from industry experts, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and networking opportunities. 

Q-Auto’s Mobility Incubator

Q-Auto’s Mobility Incubator, also in partnership with QBIC, is dedicated to startups in the automotive and mobility sector. It provides tailored programs to support the development and scaling of innovative mobility solutions. The incubator offers access to specialized resources, industry connections, and investment opportunities, positioning startups for success in the rapidly evolving mobility landscape.

As Qatar continues to prioritize innovation and entrepreneurship, accelerators and incubators serve as vital catalysts for driving economic growth and technological advancement. By providing essential resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, these platforms lay the groundwork for a thriving startup ecosystem. The partnerships with major corporations like Ooredoo and Q-Auto further enhance the support available to entrepreneurs, positioning Qatar as a hub of innovation on the global stage.

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