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Innovation Café is a concept that provides customers a space to create, connect and collaborate

Are you looking for space to use?

Innovation Cafe offers meetings rooms, collaboration area and workshop room for rent with affordable prices.

Introducing new boxes: Innovation Cafe

Our creative culture is inspired by a unique innovative idea that incorporates various functions under the concept of its identity. We aim to innovate the business industry for entrepreneurs, start-ups and large enterprises. Innovation Cafe is expected to add significant by innovating business models and optimizing service design. Our time is dedicated to provide opportunities and inspire the community to believe that anything is possible with guidance and support. 

Space To Think and Meet

Coffee, Consulting, and Creativity.

The growth of a business is dependent on two important things: superb consultations and an amazing cup of coffee. Our space and environment is one of the only professional, innovative and creative areas dedicated to creative people with dreams of achieving their business goals. Innovation Cafe was created to discover potential and provide a culture where everyone and anyone is welcome.

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