Qatar - In Qatar's digital economy, a significant shift is underway with the increase of payment gateways. These gateways are forming the backbone of commerce, facilitating seamless transactions and leading Qatar towards a cashless future. This article examines their implications for businesses and consumers alike and sheds light on the premier payment gateway solutions reshaping the Qatari financial landscape.

Market Projection

The Qatar Payments Market is projected to soar to USD 11.75 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 8.37%, up from its USD 6.32 billion valuation in 2023. This surge reflects a shift towards digital transactions, driven by evolving consumer preferences and technological integration in financial activities.

Key Players in Qatar's Payment Gateway Landscape

As Qatar's digital economy thrives, several payment gateway solutions have risen to prominence, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across the nation. Below are some of the key players reshaping Qatar's financial ecosystem:

1. TESS Payment Solutions

TESS offers tailored options for businesses of all sizes:

  • Startup Solutions: Provides sandbox testing, streamlined management, and personalized consultations to kickstart new ventures.
  • SMB Solutions: Efficient payment processing, secure invoicing, and flexible subscription options for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Volume discounts, seamless API integration, and dedicated support for enterprises, ensuring smooth operations at scale.

TESS is the leading FinTech company in Qatar, consistently processing over $1 billion annually since 2021. In addition to payment solutions, TESS offers comprehensive support for organizations transitioning to digital operations with a highly skilled in-house technology team, ensuring unparalleled service excellence.

2. Sadad Payment Solutions

Sadad caters to a wide range of business needs with its comprehensive payment solutions:

  • Electronic Payments: Seamlessly integrated payment gateways for WordPress sites and easy online shopping experiences.
  • Transfers: Instant fund transfers via text message links, ensuring swift transactions.
  • QR Code Payments: Simplified bill settlements through QR codes at smart stores, enhancing convenience.
  • Bank Deposits: Direct deposits from the app to bank accounts within seconds.
  • E-Shop Creation: Quick setup for e-stores with social media promotion, enabling rapid online presence establishment.

3. QPay Payment Gateway

QPay simplifies payment gateway integration, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Simplified Integration: Streamlined payment gateway integration ensures user-friendly operation for SMEs.
  • Enhanced Security: Implementing two-factor authentication for secure transactions, safeguarding against unauthorized access.
  • Exclusive Debit Card Acceptance: Sole payment gateway in Qatar to accept debit cards online, enhancing customer convenience.

4. Noqoody

Noqoody offers a versatile array of payment options coupled with robust security features:

  • Versatile Payment Options: Caters to various payment preferences, including card, mobile, and wallet payments, along with convenient bill splitting among bank accounts.
  • Advanced Security Features: With tokenization for data safeguarding and fraud protection mechanisms, Noqoody prioritizes the security of transactions.
  • Customizable Payment Pages: Enhancing user experience, Noqoody provides customizable payment pages tailored to specific business needs.
  • Multiple Currency Support: Facilitating international transactions, Noqoody supports multiple currencies with tailored transaction rates.
  • Recurring Payments: Streamlining processes, Noqoody offers recurring payments and automated payment reminders for efficient billing management.

5. Fatora

Fatora offers flexible pricing plans and a host of features to meet the diverse needs of businesses:

  • Free Plan: Ideal for startups and small businesses, offering limited basic services without online payment options, including invoices, orders, and a basic online store.
  • Professional Plan: Priced at $100 yearly or $17 monthly, providing unlimited access to all services and products, including online payment activation, with additional features for enhanced functionality.
  • Premium Plan: Tailored to specific business requirements, offering advanced online payment options, custom integration, design services, and a dedicated account manager.


  • Easy Integration: Facilitates easy integration with robust APIs and custom SDKs, minimizing coding requirements.
  • Online Onboarding: 100% online onboarding with minimal documentation for quick setup.
  • Advanced Security: Prioritize security with advanced fraud detection and secure data storage.
  • Customizable Payment Methods: Boost conversion rates with customizable payment methods tailored to user preferences.
  • Automated Payment Systems: Streamline billing processes with automated payment systems, reducing manual efforts and revenue loss.

6. CWallet

CWallet simplifies banking with its user-friendly interface and diverse features designed to promote financial literacy and convenience:

  • Cross Border Transfer: Seamlessly move money globally with peer-to-peer transactions and QR code payments.
  • Prepaid Card: Experience the convenience of managing finances on the go with CWallet's virtual prepaid card.
  • Financial Solution Advocate: Dedicated to promoting financial literacy and diversity for consumers and merchants.
  • Send Money Home: Easily send money to loved ones anytime, anywhere, with convenience.
  • Top Up with Debit Card: Quickly and securely top up CWallet using a debit card for added flexibility.
  • P2P Transfer: Effortlessly transfer funds between CWallet users.
  • Cash Out: Easily cash out funds whenever needed.
  • Free Sign-Up: Experience the simplicity of modern banking with free sign-up for CWallet.

7. SkipCash

SkipCash is a mobile payment app designed to cater to both consumers and merchants, striving to reduce reliance on cash and physical cards through its seamless digital payment solutions:

How SkipCash Works:

  • Secure Digital Payment Solutions: Provides secure digital payment solutions, ensuring seamless transactions for users.
  • Payment Gateway: Easily integrate SkipCash into websites with simple API codes, enabling smooth online transactions.
  • eCommerce Plugins: Enhance online stores with SkipCash's eCommerce plugins, offering customers a convenient payment method.
  • Payment Links: Generate payment links for easy transactions, allowing customers to pay with just a click.
  • QR Code: Simplify payments with QR code scanning, enabling quick and efficient transactions.
  • Tap To Phone: Enable Tap To Phone functionality, allowing merchants to accept payments directly on their mobile devices.


  • Qatari Licensed Payment Gateway: Officially licensed by Qatar Central Bank, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  • Effortless Integration: Simple API codes for seamless transactions.
  • Transaction Tracking: Stay informed with transaction details available on the SkipCash dashboard for valuable insights.
  • Quick Settlement: Benefit from quick and frequent settlement cycles, ensuring prompt receipt of payments.
  • Instant Support: Access a local Qatari support team available to assist with inquiries or issues, ensuring a reliable payment experience.
  • No Startup Cost: Start using SkipCash for free, with no initial financial outlay required to begin accepting payments.

8. Dibsy

Dibsy is a modern online payment solution designed to empower businesses in Qatar to accept payments seamlessly from customers around the globe. With a focus on simplicity and security, Dibsy offers a range of features tailored to enhance the payment experience for both merchants and consumers.

How Dibsy Works:

  • Customer Payment Options: Enables businesses to offer the best payment options to boost conversion rates and attract more customers.
  • Integration Options: Choose from fully embedded to hosted checkout options for seamless integration into your existing platform.
  • High Security: Each payment processed through Dibsy is safeguarded by the highest standards of security, including PCI-DSS and 3DS2 protocols, ensuring peace of mind for both merchants and customers.


  • Standard Plan: Enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing with no hidden fees, including a transaction fee of 2.5% + 1 QR per successful payment, with no annual fees.
  • Enterprise Plan: For businesses processing large volumes, customized pricing structures are available. Reach out to the Dibsy sales team for more information.

Key Features of Dibsy:

  • Global Reach: Allows businesses in Qatar to accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, facilitating seamless transactions across borders.
  • Secure Payment Gateway: Licensed by the Qatar Central Bank, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards, providing peace of mind for merchants and customers alike.
  • Effortless Integration: Incorporate Dibsy into your website or online store effortlessly with simple API codes, enabling seamless integration with your existing platform.
  • Quick Settlement: Benefit from quick and frequent settlement cycles, ensuring that merchants receive their payments promptly.


By embracing secure and efficient payment solutions like SkipCash, businesses can unlock new avenues for growth, while consumers benefit from enhanced convenience and accessibility in their online transactions. As Qatar's digital economy continues to expand, the role of payment gateways will undoubtedly remain pivotal, driving the nation towards a cashless future characterized by seamless transactions and unparalleled convenience.

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