Doha-in a historic opening ceremony that set the stage for groundbreaking collaboration and innovation, Web Summit Qatar emerged as the largest gathering of startups in the region, a declaration made by Web Summit CEO Katherine Maher during the event. With startups assembling from more than 118 countries, the summit marks the dawn of a new era of international synergy and opportunity.

The event's significance is underscored by the sold-out tickets and the staggering number of attendees, with over 18,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds converging in Doha to participate in this experience. Amidst this diverse gathering, more than 200 startups from Africa, an addition of talent and potential to the summit, while the notable presence of 328 startups led by women highlights the growing influence and contributions of female entrepreneurs in the tech sector. 

Amidst the atmosphere of innovation, Web Summit Qatar received a distinguished guest, his Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, whose keynote speech resonated with warmth and inspiration. Extending a gracious welcome to startups from across the globe, Sheikh Mohammed reaffirmed Qatar's unwavering dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. He spotlighted Qatar's substantial investments in infrastructure and technology, including a monumental $1 billion investment and the establishment of the nation's first venture capital fund dedicated to supporting SMEs and startups.

Noteworthy is the strong presence of Qatari startups, at least 96 local startups from Qatar will be showcasing their innovations, highlighting the country's growing reputation as a hub of technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

As anticipation builds for the networking opportunities at Web Summit Qatar, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts are gearing up to explore new collaborations and opportunities. With a 400 lineup of speakers and interactive sessions, the event promises to be a hub for meaningful connections and knowledge-sharing.

Investors from leading global funds, including Peak XV and Global Ventures, are eagerly awaiting the event, recognizing the immense potential of the Middle East's tech landscape. With 500 investors in attendance, Web Summit Qatar presents unprecedented opportunities for startups to secure funding and scale their ventures.

As the summit unfolds, attendees can anticipate dynamic exchanges of ideas, fruitful collaborations, and groundbreaking advancements in the tech landscape. With sold-out tickets and a record-breaking number of attendees, Web Summit Qatar is positioned to be a catalyst for transformative change, solidifying the region's reputation as a leading hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide.



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