Doha, Qatar: In the heart of Qatar, an innovative fitness platforom named Classtap is transforming the way the local community goes to the gym. As a homegrown solution rapidly leading the Qatari fitness movement, Classtap offers a simple way for residents to engage with health and wellness. Through strategic partnerships, customer-centric services, and a unique corporate benefits program, it is not just a platform but rather a revolution positioned well for exponential growth across the region.

What is Classtap?

At its core, Classtap allows customers to access a variety of different premium gyms across Qatar with a single membership. Upon downloading the app, customers can explore the plans most suitable to their needs as it offers access to a diverse range of activities, from yoga, pilates to high-intensity interval training and swimming. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive selection, the platform excels in helping customers discover, and connect with new fitness experiences, encouraging a culture of health and wellness that is both inclusive and engaging.
The birth of Classtap emerged from the personal experiences of founders Bashar Hudhud and Rana Abdulmajeed, who both faced challenges in maintaining a consistent workout routine within a single fitness establishment. What ultimately proved effective for them was a variation of routines between CrossFit, open gym sessions, and cardio activities like cycling, forming a well-rounded fitness schedule. However, the cost of paying full drop-in rates for these activities was substantial, highlighting the need for a solution in the market. 
The issue Bashar and Rana faced is widespread, with over 66% of people struggling to maintain a regular exercise regimen without adequate access.

Rana Abdulmajeed (Left), Bashar Hudhud (Right), founders of Classtap

During an exclusive interview with Innovation Café, Bashar Hudhud remarked, “To us, Classtap is way more than just a fitness app; it's a universe that helps people dive into a healthier way of living. It's all about sparking that initial inspiration, showing you new, exciting fitness and wellness experiences, and then connecting you to them. We're really here to look after both your physical shape and your mental peace because let's face it, being truly healthy and happy starts with taking care of our minds just as much as our bodies.”

Fueling Growth Through Fundraising

Currently, Classtap is in the middle of raising its seed round to prepare itself for scaling into other markets. This fundraising effort emphasizes the founders’ commitment to innovation and its vision for a global fitness community. By securing the necessary capital, The startup plans to expand its offerings, enhance its technology, and reach more users, not only within Qatar but across the region. This will enable them to continue its mission of making fitness accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Corporate Benefits Program: A Game-Changer for Companies

Classtap's corporate benefits program is changing the way companies support employee well-being. By offering unique perks that encourage active lifestyles and mental health awareness, Classtap is making it easier for businesses to invest in their teams' health and happiness. This program not only provides employees with access to a wide range of fitness and wellness activities but also creates a culture of well-being within the workplace. Essentially, it is allowing employers to invest in their employees’ fitness, which is a win-win; companies see a boost in morale and productivity, while employees enjoy a more balanced and fulfilling life.

To conclude, as Classtap embarks on its seed fundraising round, it mirrors the successful business strategies seen in other sectors. The ambition is to disrupt not just Qatar's fitness industry but to establish a global footprint. With the right mix of technology, partnerships, and customer-centric services, the startup is taking charge of making fitness more accessible and enjoyable, marking a new era in the pursuit of health and wellness.

Explore the vibrant fitness opportunities with Classtap or join the journey as an investor. Download the app at or for investment queries, contact the team at

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