Seven Steps To Follow For Better Team Building


Setting up an effective team of people is very important to the success of any business overall. A well-designed team-building program may foster increased understanding, communication, clarity of purpose, direction, and drive. Here are seven steps you can take to ensure the success of your team-building exercise or event:

1- Create a Theme

Choose a concept to inspire your team members and create the mood and purpose guiding the organisation. Make use of motivating words. "Quarterly Team Building Program" isn't that inspiring. Don't be hesitant to utilize some "hype" in your work title, but make sure it's focused on the expected results and or assigned goal.


If at all feasible, hold the meeting off-site. Taking the event off-site is usually an intelligent strategy to get people interested in the event. It also reduces distractions.


2- Spread the Word

To generate interest, use your organization's network infrastructure, memos, bulletin boards, and other methods. Getting participants involved in the program early on is a terrific approach to get people talking about it and creating interest.


Consider employing pre-event questionnaires and presenting the findings during the session. Request that some of the attendees be in charge of a particular aspect of the planning. Also, request that some of the participants deliver presentations as part of the event. And finally, some attendees develop a sketch that they will perform during the event.

3- Incorporate both Work and Play into your Routine

You may have rounds that are regarded as difficult to complete or areas that cause strain or stress. To keep the team energized, spice up the discussions with competitive games, breaks, or other activities. You might also include social activities, award ceremonies, and even outside entertainment.



4- Gather and Analyze Data

Allow enough time after every activity for conversations for participants to assimilate the new knowledge, rather than jamming the day with activities.

Outsiders are frequently required. Bring in an independent consultant or trainer when the content or training presented is in an area where your staff lacks experience.

An independent expert can assist when issues are contentious. The team members or company employees may not be perceived as genuine specialists or maybe too close to the problem to be considered entirely objective. In either situation, when an outside expert provides knowledge, people are far more likely to embrace it as accurate.


5- Have a Strong Desire to take Action

After the event, concentrate on your performance. What will the team as a whole do differently? What will each member of the team do differently?

 Some fundamental but vitally significant questions can be answered jointly by team members. 

What will the team have to do more of in the future? Is there less of it?

What will the group refrain from doing? Why don't you get started?

The team agrees, and at the end of the session, the commitment is delivered to the team members.

By answering these questions, team members can commit their efforts to make a significant difference.

What will I have to do more of in the future? Is there less of it?

What am I going to give up? Why don't you get started?

After the event, the team members may publicly proclaim their commitment.


6- Boost the Event's Impact

During the session, take photos and videos of the events. You may opt to hire an experienced photographer, although it is not mandatory. Some of the finest images are those snapped by participants on the spur of the moment. You might provide each participant with a "single-use" camera that they may use for the duration of the event. They return the used camera, and you are in charge of processing the images.

7- Outwork Gathering

To boost stakeholder’s productivity, improve communication among project team members, and move a project forward from an impasse, it is often necessary to interrupt the routine of corporate life and attend meetings outside the office.

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