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Are you a fresh grad or a current student looking for experience?

We know how it is. Everywhere you apply, most job vacancies and posts require applicants to have some sort of work experience. But how could a fresh grad or a current student find relative work experience if all jobs require candidates to have work experience? We found the solution.

At Innovation Cafe, we’ve created a space where all fresh grads and current students are welcome to gain experience, training and knowledge in a variety of fields, helping them find their passion and seek positions that they could potentially succeed in. Introducing IC Community - Innovative Interns, a three month online program where our team of professionals host online webinars and discussions with students locally and all over the world, where our aim is to carry out online training in the field of creativity, marketing, breakthrough thinking, sales, writing, innovation and much more! At the end of the program, students will receive a Training & Experience Participation Certificate that they could attach to their CV along with a reference letter from the Innovation Cafe team that could attach to their CV when applying to their future job roles.

The program will host its first webinar on the 7th of June. If interested, please register using the form below to receive the full schedule and links to the webinars. Innovation Cafe is recognized for contributing to the innovation ecosystem in Qatar and having a team of skilled experts in the field of Innovation Management. We are dedicated to ensure that students and fresh graduates are able to obtain the highest possible chance of a career opportunity that aligns with their skills, goals and future dreams.