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Malomatia Hackathon 2023

Where Ideas Take Flight!

Empowering Change through Collaboration, Code, and Creativity.

Hackathon Dates

December 7, 8, 9

Application Deadline

December 4


This hackathon welcomes all malomatia members, irrespective of coding expertise.

Hackathon Challenges

Enhancing Corporate Communication

The current communication channels within malomatia require optimization for greater efficiency and clarity. Improving corporate communication will encourage better collaboration among teams, facilitate information sharing, and enhance overall organizational transparency.

Streamlining Support Processes

The existing support processes need to be refined and made more efficient. This involves a comprehensive review and optimization of workflows to ensure timely and effective support for various internal functions. Streamlining support processes will contribute to increased productivity and smoother operations.

Improving Data Documentation

Currently, the company lacks a centralized and digital repository for storing critical data, including employee information. Improving data documentation involves implementing secure digital solutions to organize and manage essential data efficiently. This initiative aims to enhance data accessibility, security, and overall compliance.

Support Function Ticketing to Streamline Office Work

Introducing a ticketing system for support functions is essential to streamline tasks and enhance office work efficiency. This involves the implementation of a structured ticketing process to prioritize, assign, and track support requests. This not only ensures a systematic approach to problem resolution but also provides a clear overview of workload distribution within the office.


Winner's: QAR 10,000

Second Place: QAR 7,000

Third Place: QAR 5,000

Application Deadline: December 4


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Inclusive Participation

Unleash your creativity! We welcomes individuals from all walks of malomatia life, embracing diversity and varied skill sets!

Mentorship Magic

Fear not, you will have seasoned mentors standing by, ready to guide you through all your ideas and challenges.

Venue Vibes

You will immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Innovation Cafe, the heartbeat of this hackathon.


Who can participate?

The stage is set for malomatia members of all backgrounds and talents, from coding
kingsto those who dance to a different
technological tune.

Can I join virtually?

The malomatia hackathon demands your physical presence! Dust
off your capes and join us at Innovation Cafe.

Are non-malomatia members allowed?

This adventure is exclusively for those who call malomatia
home. Let's keep the family close!

Innovation Cafe

The Pearl, Unit 48, Tower 2 Marina Bay, Doha