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Service Design

QAR 2,000.00

Customer experience plays an important role in contributing to a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. The service industry in Qatar requires the implementation of innovative touchpoints and creative service aspects that differentiate their organization in the market. Service design focuses on creating value and providing the customer with an unforgettable experience in order to ensure their loyalty, increase customer retention and referrals. Service design involves fundamental innovative mapping techniques that outline optimization points and are strategic planning mechanisms for customer experience management, marketing and branding initiatives.



Service Design tools will allow organizations the advantage of fully optimizing their customer experience, create tailored marketing strategies and understand the personas of the customer base in order to customize services. In turn, this will result in an increased customer retention rate, captivate new target customers and sustain a long-term competitive advantage. Customer Journey Mapping also enables a deep understanding of the emotions of the customer, which also reveals opportunities for the clinic. The outcome of customer journey maps includes an increase in sales, customer engagement and a higher probability of gaining efficient feedback that could be analyzed for future changes.



The process of service design briefly involves:

  • Customer Observation
  • Access to basic customer data
  • Access to feedback provided by customers
  • Drafting the existing customer journey map

After completing the above steps, a new customer journey map will be drafted entailing optimized touchpoints and eliminating pain points. Errors of admin/customer service representatives will be highlighted and recommendations will be provided to ensure consistency and alignment between the service provided and the customer journey map.