Qatar - Hailing from the Innovation Hub of Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), Bonocle is a tech startup with a high social impact. Founded by Abdelrazek Aly and Ramy Soliman, former engineering students at Qatar University, Bonocle epitomises the power of innovation driven by real-world challenges and empathy.

The genesis of Bonocle traces back to a pivotal moment when Aly, recuperating from a car accident, encountered the hurdles faced by visually impaired students in accessing educational materials. Moved by the struggles of his peers, Aly, alongside Soliman, embarked on a mission to revolutionise accessibility for the blind community.

Launched in August 2022, Bonocle introduces a groundbreaking braille-based education and entertainment platform tailored for the visually impaired. At its core lies the Bonocle device, a handheld marvel equipped with a braille cell and intuitive controls. This portable gadget empowers users to engage in a multitude of tasks, from reading and writing to gaming, fostering independence and inclusivity.

The values of Bonocle transcends mere functionality; it embodies a commitment to affordability and inclusivity. Priced at a one-time payment of US$499, the device opens avenues for education, productivity, and leisure while ensuring seamless integration with sighted individuals. Notably, Bonocle's suite of apps and games exemplifies its dedication to fostering an inclusive society where all can participate and thrive.

However, Bonocle's journey towards innovation was not devoid of challenges. From conceptualizing glove-based solutions to navigating supply chain disruptions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Aly and Soliman facednumerous hurdles. Yet, their perseverance and collaboration with the visually impaired community yielded a transformative product set to redefine accessibility standards globally. 

The impact of Bonocle extends beyond technological innovation; it epitomizes a paradigm shift in societal attitudes towards disability. Aly advocates for inclusivity as a conscious choice, urging individuals and organizations to prioritize accessibility in their endeavors. Through Bonocle, he envisions a future where the blind community enjoys equal access to education, employment, and technology.

Looking ahead, Bonocle aims to expand its offerings, leveraging partnerships and crowdfunding initiatives to reach a global audience. With plans to unveil an online education platform and a software development kit, Bonocle seeks to empower blind individuals to explore their full potential as developers and innovators.

As Aly aptly puts it, "Our end goal is to have the blind community further integrated into classrooms and workspaces, while having equal access to technology." Bonocle's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology guided by empathy, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

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